Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vacation agenda

Vacations are such a hard time to continue your exercise routine for several reasons. First, packing workout clothes takes up space. Also, being with other people means the agenda is not centered around what one person wants to do, but about what EVERYONE wants to do...which is not usually exercise.

I'm in Denver this weekend with about 8 other people so it's a challenge to fit exercise into the day. What I find works best in situations like this are long walks. I woke up this morning and walked to a coffee shop about 20 minutes away and walked home....Later in the day I think we are going shopping which means more time moving and less time sitting.

Now, in situations like this, where the activity is moderate and heart rate is low, watching calorie intake is key. Vegetables are a must, but the challenge for me is the drinking that we are doing this weekend. I am almost a 'non drinker' but will participate in social drinking once in awhile and that is where the calories really add up.

In this case, I need to think about consuming more clear alcohols and lite beers over the sugary drinks and dark beers.

It's a challenge but it's possible to stay on course when the course veers off track.

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