Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My New Thing...

So Far.

So since I challenged you to break out of your comfort zone and try something new for fitness, I thought I would have to do the same (although, this isn't necessarily a challenge for me....I secretly love it).

This morning I participated in a pilates class at the YMCA. I have not done pilates in about 2 years, and never this class. My experience with pilates in the past is complete boredom. I am challenged, but I am not enjoying myself and the class goes at a slow pace.

This class, however, was awesome and I will be back every Wednesday as often as I can. The class had such a great flow and was challenging and the teacher was great and before I knew it 60 minutes was over.

Now, to address those of you rolling your eyes about how great my experience was, let me tell you I had originally planned to attend a Tuesday pilates class and talked myself out of it....because I am not 'good' at pilates and it's not something I regularly do. So this was a challenge for me, and it ended up great!

Tomorrow I am going to complete the challenge by attending a yoga class. Mind you, this will be after one 60 minute Turbo Kick class and 30 minutes of weghts. I really want to try the yoga class, but I don't want to skip Turbo Kick because I love it so 2.5 hours, here I come.

Share your experiences with me.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day to You

Before the burgers and hot dogs and beers and brownies, do something good for yourself and workout. 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Your Challenge

I challenge you to try 2 new fitness related things that you haven't tried before. It is proven that mixing up your routine challenges your muscles in a different way and forces your body to continue to change. So get out of your rut and try something new!

Let me point you in the right direction. First,, of course, offers some fantastic classes. If you have questions about any of them, ask. 

If you always go to the Project Poolside class, you should try Dumbbell 101. Or try boxing. Boxing is super fun and a great workout.

If classes aren't your thing, get off the treadmill and try out the rowing machine. Have you tried that before? It's a great full body workout. Ask me the proper technique if you are interested.

What about heading outside of the confines of Scott Fitness...check out for some fun Zumba classes or take a hot yoga class.

One more suggestion for those of you walking outside. Tack on 20 minutes to one of your brisk walks, or hop on a bicycle and cruise around town for an hour. As always, head straight up those hills, don't try and find ways around them.

I hope this got you excited to try out something new this week.

This is your challenge and will only benefit you if you do it. 

I can't wait to hear all about it!

ps-There is a 5K Monday morning....that would be fun too!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ice Cream is a delicious summer treat, but eating too much of the real thing is not good for your body....too much cream and saturated fat.

Now, you can enjoy the taste of ice cream in a serving size that's made just for you.

Stick a container of yogurt in the freezer and you can eat ice cream all summer long without any of the guilt. 

I tend to like the citrus flavors best.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Got 30 minutes...

What about an hour? Do you have an hour today to devote to yourself? You should...make it happen.

Here's what you should do...

Walk for 10 minutes around your neighborhood. Brisk Walking. Use the power in your legs. Get your arms pumping. Walk right up those hills. Sweat.

Use the rest of the time to weight train. Don't have weights? Do these exercises that use only body weight. It's that easy....Only allow 20 second rest periods between each set....keep that heart rate up...this is good for you !

Squats. 2 sets of 15
Push Ups 2 sets of 10
Lunges 2 sets of 15
Crunches 2 sets of 20
Bicycle crunches 2 sets of 20
Jump Squats 10 total
Seated Row...(yes! with no weight....if you squeeze those shoulder blades together when you pull back, you'll feel it) 2 sets of 20
Arm circles 2 sets for 1 minute each.
Stretch for 10 minutes

Have any time left? More walking...

You can do this.
Make the time.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Are you sitting at your desk all day?

Does a slouched back feel all too familiar?

Take a moment to

1.       close your eyes

2.       sit up nice and tall

3.       roll your shoulders back 5 times, slowly.

4.       breathe deeply



Do this twice more today and relax.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Do you have a current fitness routine?
If not, why not?
Making fitness a party of your life is more than getting skinny. For me, (and what I try to communicate with my clients) is that this is about a lifestly change, a way of life. Eating right and exercising most days of the week will make you a healthier you. Strength training strengthens your bones, not just your muscles. Exercise energizes you and lifts your mood. 

So, why aren't you exercising?

If you already have an exercise program, are you working to your full potential? Do you eek out your last rep of one set or do you stop before your reach your limits? Are you doing quality cardio or just watching the time tick by on the treadmill? 

Make the time you spend at the gym count. 

You can get a quality workout in in just 30 minutes a day.

So, why aren't you exercising?