Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Tuesday...

And you know what that means:
You are on day 2 of this week....which also means you should have scheduled your weekly workouts by now.

This is one of the best pieces of advice I give my clients and is especially important this time of year with the temperatures dropping and the thought of leaving the house becomming more and more unappealing....


Schedule them like you would schedule a dentist appointment or a lunch date. You wouldn't not show up to your dentist appointment, right? Treat your workouts the same way.

Here's how it works:

Think about your week on Sunday night just as you would for work, get out your calendar and see which days of the week make the most sense for a workout and which time of day.

Step 1. Pick your days (preferably 5).

Step 2. Pick your time (not something ridiculous like 5am if you are not a morning person), and

Step 3. Pick your activity (remember: 2 nonconsecutive days of weights, 3 days of cardio)...

and then WRITE IT DOWN!!!

Here is what my Monday through Sunday look like this week

Monday: Zumba at 5:30pm

Tuesday: Spin at 6:30, weights at 7:30

Wednesday: 45 minutes of cardio at 11am

Thursday: Strength training class at the YMCA. 8:30 am. Yoga at the YMCA 9:30am

Friday: 45 minutes of cardio at 6am at the YMCA

Saturday: Strength training at the YMCA. 7:30 am. 30 minutes of cardio following.

Sunday: rest.

Now you might be confused that I only have 1 day of rest this week. Let me say that the Zumba wasn't very high level for me and I only stayed for 40 minutes so I would consider that one of my rest-ish days....because I do stress the importance of 'rest' days so your body can recover. Rest days are so important!

I would, if possible, make them 2 non consecutive days in order to stick with your routine. 2 days in a row of not working out might turn into 3 days and then 4 days and then you haven't worked out for 7 days! You get my point.

So schedule your workouts and pick something you enjoy so you'll stick with it.

In health...

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