Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Travel

Well many of us will be going out of town for the holidays....if you are staying in town then Scott Fitness has you covered. They are open 24 hours a day. excuses for you...head to the gym Christmas Eve, Christmas day, etc and work hard.

As for the rest of you....where are you going? Back home? To your partners hometown? Now, before you leave, you need to research the workout options you have while you are away. Will there be an opportunity for you to do a workout DVD a couple of times?

What about the gyms they have in town?
Get online today and check out their group exercise schedules and make a commitment today to some classes or workout times.

There is no reason you can't workout over the holiday weekend. It's, actually, the most important time to work out.

Here are my options for workout while I am away. Luckily we're going to Columbia Missouri for Christmas....since I used to live there I am familiar with the gyms.
Depending on what classes they offer I will choose among The ARC, Wilson's and Key Largo Fitness....most of the places charge a small fee. About $5 to $10 but it's worth it.

Let me know how you stay active over the holidays.
What other ideas do you have?

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