Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My New Thing...

So Far.

So since I challenged you to break out of your comfort zone and try something new for fitness, I thought I would have to do the same (although, this isn't necessarily a challenge for me....I secretly love it).

This morning I participated in a pilates class at the YMCA. I have not done pilates in about 2 years, and never this class. My experience with pilates in the past is complete boredom. I am challenged, but I am not enjoying myself and the class goes at a slow pace.

This class, however, was awesome and I will be back every Wednesday as often as I can. The class had such a great flow and was challenging and the teacher was great and before I knew it 60 minutes was over.

Now, to address those of you rolling your eyes about how great my experience was, let me tell you I had originally planned to attend a Tuesday pilates class and talked myself out of it....because I am not 'good' at pilates and it's not something I regularly do. So this was a challenge for me, and it ended up great!

Tomorrow I am going to complete the challenge by attending a yoga class. Mind you, this will be after one 60 minute Turbo Kick class and 30 minutes of weghts. I really want to try the yoga class, but I don't want to skip Turbo Kick because I love it so 2.5 hours, here I come.

Share your experiences with me.

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