Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Human!

Well...we returned Saturday from a week in paradise. We were fortunate enough to spend 5 days on Sanibel Island. We had the most wonderful time lounging on the beach, shelling, watching dolphins play, kayaking, riding bikes, etc!

However, what didn't happen was exercise. Sure I spent time walking along the ocean and swimming and riding bikes (on this very flat island), but I didn't ever really get my heart rate up and I definitely didn't strength train. Just goes to show that I am human just like you. I had intentions of doing Pilates a couple of times and even going for a run, but I had more important things to do....like sit and read a book and drink coffee....or sit on the beach and drink a beer. I was really too too busy to exercise.


Often the lack of exercise is paired with making poor meal choices....which is exactly what I did....no exercise plus fried food...one crazy combo. But that's life and that's what happens sometimes....

So instead of falling too far behind, I picked up with my regular Monday routine of a boot camp class followed by a strength training class....then this morning I ran 3 miles and will be headed to yoga in about 20 minutes. I feel heavier, that's for sure! The run this morning wasn't easy....but that's not going to stop me! Plus, the vacation was amazing and I wouldn't change that experience for the world.

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