Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Snack The Apple.

People ask me all the time what's the best snack to have before a workout...I always suggest a snack with that's carbs and protein.

This applies to snacks you eat all day too. Protein keeps you fuller longer and the carbs are good for energy.

Today we'll talk about Granny Smith apples. They are one of my favorite apples because they are ALWAYS crisp and tart tart tart.

You can have this delicious fruit in a variety of ways all day long. Here are 3 ideas.

1. apple with almonds. Be sure to keep your serving size of almonds under control. Those are an easy thing to go overboard on.

2. YUM! An apple with a small serving of meat....This is sliced chicken.

3. The apple with peanut butter. Watch your serving size here. Using an actual measuring spoon for your PB portion is not the worst idea (it's the best idea).

Eat up!

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