Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why oh Y?

So today I was witness to this:

I was at the YMCA; the only female in the weights area (there are usually a couple other females in the weight area, just not today) and a couple enters the gym...they part ways and the man comes over to lift weights and the woman hops on an elliptical.

Now, we can go into a whole bunch of scenarios on this one like...
1. Maybe it was the woman's cardio day
2. Maybe she was going to do cardio for 30+ minutes and then do weights
3. Maybe she's injured and can only do cardio at this point....

I hear what you're saying....but do you hear what I am saying?

That woman (I bet) doesn't do any weight training.

Why not?
Maybe she's afraid she'll bulk up.
Maybe she doesn't know what she's doing. (this is when a trainer is helpful)
Maybe she doesn't think it's important.

Weight training is so important especially for woman...

-as we age and the threat of brittle bones draws near.
-to tone and shape our muscles. I'm sure she was on the elliptical for the aesthetic benefits of working out, maybe less so to work her heart.

Why not get all the aesthetic benefits of working out then? and lift some weights and really maximize your time in the gym burning fat and getting stronger all at the same time!

I'm not anti cardio....quite the opposite, I shoot for at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday.

I'm just pro strength training. The benefits are endless.

Get in the weight room, ladies!

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