Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 16: Long Exposure

Well that was fun!

Although I am no expert at this, I did have fun trying it out and playing around in my front yard with flashlights.

Then I took the fun inside. Peanut didn't want to play along, but I was impressed with the detail of the roses. (There are 2 dozen there, just in case you were wondering)

I looked online for some ideas before I began my journey and found these awesome photos. Inspiring.

I also learned that the point and shoot I've been using is capable of long exposure so that's cool. I would like to try this again, you know, somewhere besides my front yard.

I wonder what Kate came up with, don't you?


Teacher Jim said...

very, very cool pictures. Love the lights.

Kate O. said...

So great!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those pictures are so neat!