Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simple Sunday, four

Whoa. Look at all that brown. 

I thought Simple Sunday was not going to happen today. I had failed to record anything from the weekend even though I had quite a lot going on. I was also working on getting a couple other pages finished for a deadline.
So instead of stressing out about a self imposed deadline, I took some time out and did a little yard work today and it was so nice. It's definitely energizing for me to work outside and be in the sun. Dare I say I love yard work? Well I do.

We acquired these landscaping rocks last weekend. On the way home from the park, Zeb saw a pile of rocks in front of someone's house with a sign marked 'free'. I was so excited because I had spent some time on Craigslist looking for landscaping rocks just like this. In this case, the price was right, so we loaded up the car and brought them home.

It was a fun little activity, digging though the pile like we were on a scavenger hunt, looking for the coolest rocks.

Today, I took the time to set them up in the backyard. I like what I created out there. We'll see how I feel come spring.

Happy Simple Sunday to you.
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