Sunday, January 8, 2012

Episode One

On today's edition of 'So I'm Dating a Hoarder' we're going to talk about our CD collection.

It's no surprise that Zeb likes to keep things. Everything. He's not really a hoarder, I use that term loosely here, but he does have an affinity for throwing nothing away. nothing.

That doodle that you mindlessly drew at work? He kept it.
An instrument neither of us can play? We have it.
A lamp that doesn't work? It's here.

I just went through four years of asking him to clean up the spare bedroom which consisted of a bed for guests and lots of boxes filled with things he couldn't throw away. However, upon going through the boxes, he realized a lot of it was just trash-old mail, random papers, etc. Some of it was worth keeping, I'll admit, and I did have fun the nights I went in to keep him company and we looked through some of his childhood memories. He couldn't part with everything though, and I'm not asking him to, but a box of old T-shirts and a pair of roller skates? I thought for sure we could let those go. nope. not yet.

The room looks 100 times better though. Cleaned up, organized, and a space for guests when they come over, not just a direct path from the door to the bed.

For some reason yesterday, I decided to go through the piles and piles of CDs we have, to try and organize them. It turned into quite a mess of purchased CDs with no cases, cases with no CDs and lots and lots of burned CDs-some with labels of the band and album, some labeled 'random' or 'mix' and some not labeled at all.

If it were up to me, we would get rid of the majority of them because I don't think either of us has touched them for four years, but Zeb is a keeper, so we will attempt to find a way to organize them.

I'm overwhelmed by the stacks and stacks of scratched up CDs, especially since I feel like CDs are a little obsolete anyways.

Do you have a CD collection? Have you touched it in the past year?

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Anonymous said...

We have the same situation over here! I am on an organizing quest at our house...the husband not so much. I was cleaning out our closet and found a box of CASSETTE TAPES! He said he would give up something else in order to keep the tapes! The CD's are another issue along with a large bag of concert tshirts! Oh well, you are right, though, it's pretty fun going through the memories as we declutter! And I must admist, I'm a keeper too, so I have my own box of "must keeps"! Good Luck!