Monday, January 16, 2012

Looking for the Magic

This weekend  we had a 'clean the house' day. Sounds fun, right? Part of that cleaning was Zeb getting his CD collection in order-will it ever stop? The nice thing about this activity was he found old CDs that he loves and they were the soundtrack for our afternoon. A little Beck, a little Pearl Jam...

One song caught my ear because it was a song he put on a mixed CD for me at the beginning of our courtship. (circa 2005).

The Folk Implosion- One Part Lullaby

and I even made one of the lyrics my FB status for the day.

"Look for magic in the daily routine. That's all it takes to survive".

Good advice, I think.

Then during work today, somebody asked if I was going to go home and play outside and I said,
"No. I am going to clean the house, but I am going to open the windows".

Boring Cheryl being boring.

It's a crazy 60 degrees here in KC today and I am choosing to stay in and clean the house? What's wrong with me? Sure, I have a self imposed 'to do' list a mile long, but it can wait.
I have towels in the dryer that need to be folded, but if the towels never get folded then it won't matter.

Now, the lyrics may not point to this weather phenomenon exactly, I realize that. This sort of weather doesn't happen everyday (that it's happening today is cool/creepy) so it's not necessarily part of the daily routine, but it is a magical part of today.

So here I sit
In the backyard
with my pup
In the sun.

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Courtney said...

my dachshund likes to do the same thing. sitting in the sun with your pup is much better than cleaning the house.