Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 1: Cereal Vortex

Let me share some things with you as I begin my day on the right track.

1. I love cereal.
2. I like to mix 2 kinds of cereal in one bowl.
3. I eat cereal several times a day.
4. When it comes to eating cereal, it is impossible for me to follow the serving size.

Cereal is possibly my most favorite food. I like the super healthy ones full of fiber, and the sugary ones, of course. However, I hardly ever let myself indulge in the sugary kinds.

What I do, however, is get sucked into the vicious cycle of cereal eating, a cereal vortex, if you will.

I pour cereal to the brim of the bowl, pour in the soy milk, eat the cereal, add more cereal to the remaining milk, add more milk to the remaining cereal, etc etc etc.

Today I will follow the recommended guidelines: a 1 cup serving.

Yes I will.

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