Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well. I am coming off a weekend of good eats.
And it was lovely.

First let me say that Saturday night was the 3rd meeting of Dinner Club. We have 7 members and this Saturday was my turn to host so I got to pick the theme and prepared the main course.

The theme: Localvore....

Which was in honor of Earth Day and it was a lovely theme I'll say. One of my favorite parts was that everyone visited the farmer's market that morning to buy supplies...not together, but that they went was the point. Zeb and I visited the Brookside Farmer's market for our supplies.

So I baked two whole chickens. This was the first time I have done anything so extravagant and it wasn't so scary after all. I bought two Campo Lindo farms chickens from Room 39 (where I moonlight on the weekends) and my boss Ted gave me a quick lesson in separating the skin from the body of the chicken so that when I got home I could rub it down with herbs and not be afraid.

I got the recipe from 'Cooking Light, Way to Cook' and proceeded to make a mixture of Shatto Butter (local), thyme (local) and other non local herbs and rubbed that chicken down.

I baked them both for about 40 minutes on a bed of carrots, celery, and local spring onions.


When 8 pm hit, the kitchen was a mad house, as everyone had arrived to prepare their dishes on the stove. We started with a lovely spring green salad with bacon, cheese and nuts and topped with a fried egg (all local), moved on to a leek and mushroom puffed pastry (local!), and finally the chicken was served with 2 side dishes. One was a mix of spring onions, asparagus and carrots. The other was a mix of potatoes, asparagus and pumpkin seeds....LOCAL!

Oh! We washed everything down with some delicious Boulevard Beer and enjoyed some local custard, and strawberries with Christopher Elbow chocolate for dessert.

What's better than that, you ask! NOTHING!
What's worse than that, you ask! The pile of dishes left behind after the feast.

I wish two things happened Saturday night.
1. That I took pictures of the cooking frenzy in the kitchen pre dinner.
2. That I took pictures of the MOUNTAIN of dishes left behind.

image from

And like I hadn't had enough to eat the night before, I went to lunch at Happy Gillis on Sunday afternoon. I ate the breakfast BLT which was a BLT with an egg. omg!

Now, what does this have to do with exercise you ask.....almost nothing. Except now you know I indulged myself like crazy this weekend and will now have the fat stores to workout extra hard this week.


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