Thursday, January 28, 2010

Class with Clients

So as some of you know....I would love to take a class with you at Scott Fitness if you are needing that little push. Sometimes it can be intimidating to go to a new class and sometimes you want to go, but knowing I'll meet you there gives you that little push to actually show up.... I can change your wanting to actual doing.

Permanently on the calendar for me and (hopefully) you are 2 class on the weekend.

One, Pilates in the Crossroads at 9am on Saturday and yoga at 2pm in the Rivermarket on Sunday. Those are staples to my shcedule and I hope to see you there. I would also love to try any class with you during the week nights that my schedule allows. Just ask and I'll go.

This morning I attended 50/50 with a client of mine. She hadn't gone before so I went with her and it kicked our asses!

50/50 happens every morning at 9 am at Scott Fitness 4.0.

I'll go again. I'll go anywhere.

Just ask!

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