Sunday, January 17, 2010


So along with the Saturday morning Pilates class, I decided to add another class to the mix and encouraged my clients to come with me....hoping they would be motivated to add something new into their fitness routine. Sunday Yoga at SF 2.5.

Well this afternoon's yoga class was full of people, but only one of them was a client of mine. Where was everyone else? hmmm?

Let me say, this class is hard! There are some difficult poses but it is taught in a way that is very encouraging and not intimidating. The teacher is so great and encourages newbies to rest as often as they need to....but he also pushes you to try your hardest.

The class starts with breathing techniques and then jumps right into sun salutations, flexibility and balance moves and ends with some floor work and then...1.5 hours later I felt more relaxed and looser than I felt when I walked in.

I thought 1.5 hours would feel like a long time, but I never felt bored and all that time allowed me to loosen up more and more as the class went on....allowing for deeper stretching.

I will definitely go back , and I hope next time, you go with me!

Here are the details:
Sunday at 2pm at SF 2.5

One last thought: I think Yoga can be intimidating to some people. It's intimidating to me! What I try and remember, because I know I am not going to take every pose to its ultimate posture, is that whatever I can do, I should try and do it my best. I am not going to be the best in the class, but I will leave feeling more limber and flexible....and that's the point.

Come with me next week....please.


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