Monday, September 19, 2011


This dude and I had the best weekend together. On Friday we participated in our neighborhood garage sale. I was wholeheartedly against our participation seeing as how in years past we have participated and didn't make that much money. The number one issue being that most of our stuff is second hand already so when we sell it, it doesn't carry a very high price tag. We don't have big ticket items for sale. (See: cassette tapes, VHS, and old clothes)
However, he insisted, claiming it was his garage sale and he would do all the work. So I cleaned out drawers and closets and cabinets and participated too. It sprinkled on and off on Friday, but we were selling here and there and finally closed down around 2pm. We felt good about our profit at that point.

Then the date night began. We headed to dinner at a new restaurant that is all the hype in KC lately. We both agreed the food was good, but that we weren't excited to head back anytime soon. It didn't knock my socks off, and it was too loud and perhaps a bit overpriced.

Then we were off to my friend Kate's comedy sketch show. Comedy ensued. Seriously. This show was funny. I was amazed at what this cast created. Marvelous. 

However, the most fun part of the evening was our stop at Price Chopper for snacks before we headed home to watch a movie. There was a display of cereal boxes about 3 boxes high that for some reason we were kicking over (not kicking over to the floor, but roundhouse kicking over). I laughed harder than I have in a long long time. This is a moment I want to remember forever.

Saturday we tried the ole garage sale thing again and closed up around 11am, right before the rain came pouring down. We made over $70 and made a nice donation to the DAV.

A successful weekend, I'll say.

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