Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Shuffleboard Surprise

Zeb and I began dating about 6 years ago. It was sometime at the end of September, although the exact date eludes us both.

Here's the story:

We both lived in Columbia and worked at the same restaurant.
I thought he was pretty great so I would follow him around at parties and tried to make conversation with him at work. He said he noticed none of this.

It wasn't until my LAST NIGHT IN TOWN that he showed interest back.

I was leaving to spend the summer in California, and then move somewhere else. He came to my going away party and we had the best time together.

Fast forward 3 summer months (and lots of phone conversations) and I was back in KC thinking about my next move....and thinking about Zeb. I headed to Columbia pretty quickly to visit him and see what would happen next with us.

We went to a hole in the wall and drank Budweiser and played shuffleboard for our first date.

So yesterday I told him I wanted to take him to lunch and drove him to a bar near our house with shuffleboard. We played for about an hour remembering the details of our first date, and claiming (both of us) that it was neither of our ideas to go to a bar we both didn't frequent to play a game we both knew nothing about.

Here are pictures from our 6 year anniversary date and proof that we have no idea how to play shuffleboard. Just check out that scoreboard!

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Kate O. said...

So cute!! Happy anniversary!