Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's try this again.

My blog went stagnant. I know this. The problem the first time around was my focus of the blog. How can I make a blog about exercise and eating right when I do waaaay more than that with my life?....and I don't always exercise and eat right anyway. It became a difficult task to write about: working out and eating right or trying to relate all things to working out and eating right. Boring too.
When this blog came to a screeching halt, I was also becoming more involved in something I wasn't sure I was ready to share with lots of people. I was starting to train for a figure competition. I will describe this competition as women on stage in sparkly bikinis flexing their muscles and getting judged. This was so out of my comfort zone of living a mostly no make up, low maintenance, jeans and T shirt kind of life that to share my new goal felt very uncomfortable. I also didn't know if I could do it.

Look, me in a T-shirt (with my pooch, Peanut).

Me again! This time I'm in the sparkly bikini.

However, I did do it (see above), after sacrificing a lot of my family, my social life, my happiness...the list goes on! I did it. Done. I did get to look pretty ripped after all that hard work and I chiseled myself a nice pair of abs as well. I also won a couple of trophies too. It was hard hard work though... and probably something I won't do a second time. During those 6 months, I spent a lot of time lifting weights and doing cardio and when I wasn't lifting weights or doing cardio, I was thinking about lifting weights and doing cardio. I was also spending my time cooking chicken and eating chicken, and eating eggs and timing my meals, etc.

Now that that chapter in my life is over, I can start blogging again.....and this time it'll be a bigger and better blog than before! Bigger? I don't know, but better, at least, because I am more than just a personal trainer, I am a pretty crafty girl too and I like to garden, and I like to travel and this blog will be all of those things. This time, it won't be boring.

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