Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Office

Here's a little post about my day to day....because as much as I would love to have scrapbooking, or becoming a better seamstress, or gardening or home decorating be what I spend most of my time doing, the truth is, I spend most of my time doing my job as a personal trainer.
It's funny to me, when I decided I wanted to do this (after I got my Degree in English), I didn't really know what I was signing up to do. I knew personal training meant guiding people in their workouts and food choices but I didn't know I would be in sales.
I'm actually worst in the sales department. I get a ton of clients from word of mouth, and because I teach fitness classes I am often chosen when someone thinks of hiring a personal trainer. However, when it comes to approaching people in the gym (which makes sense) or in a social situation (which doesn't make sense) I don't do much 'selling'. I don't avoid talking about my job in public, but I just don't start that conversation. I'm just not pushy, it's not my nature.
Also, I didn't know about this whole waking up at 4am thing. Now, I don't currently have 5 am clients, but I have in the past. I certainly believe that I need to arrive at these early morning sessions fresh faced, so I wake up quite early to drink the coffee, check the email and actually wake up. Even though I'll label myself as a morning person, 4am is early!
I also drive much more than I would like. As an independent contractor, I work at a couple of gyms in the area and go to people's homes for training sessions. This means a lot of driving! Here's a look at what I consider to be my office most days.

I do love my job, I just didn't know about these aspects of the job, when I decided I wanted to help people get healthy.


Kate O. said...


Kate O. said...


Kate O. said...

So, my question is: What do you like to listen to when you are in your car?

Cheryl said...

Oh Kate. I love pop music. It's the only thing that keeps me awake all day long. Awake and excited to work.
Jay Z
Katy Perry

the list goes on...