Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Traditions

This year I wanted to focus on making new traditions for Christmas. We already had a few in place, but I thought I would also be the chef of Christmas Eve dinner this year and every year to come.

I had been encouraged to make a Short Rib Ragu recipe by a friend who had tried it and loved it.

The week of Christmas, I was beginning to get cold feet-doubting my ability to pull this off successfully. Upon voicing my concern to some very encouraging friends, I was gently pushed into this cooking experience.

"It's only sauce" I was told.

Also, I was told that making it in advance would only make it better, so I started this adventure on Wednesday. After 3 hours in the kitchen I still wasn't happy with the state of the ragu. I was supposed to have a sauce, not a meat soup. Consulting my cooking friends, I was encouraged to just cook it longer.

So cook it longer I did, and come Saturday I packed up my culinary masterpiece to take to Columbia and that evening we ate like kings and queens.

The recipe turned out so delicious and in true Cheryl fashion, I praised myself highly for this culinary feat.

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