Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Tree

I was against putting up the tree last year. I was a bit of a scrooge I'll admit. I didn't get the point really. You take all this time to put up the tree and then 30 days later you just have to take it down. Who really has time for all that?

This year, however, I made the decision to enjoy the holidays and that includes putting up the Christmas tree.

I am proud to say we have condensed all of our Christmas decor into one Rubbermaid container, and though I toy with the idea of starting some sort of Christmas collection, I am really happy to only get one box down from the attic every year. When I was growing up we would lug about 10 boxes (big boxes) up from the basement year after year. The house looked beautiful, but that was hard work. So although when I see collections of nutcrackers or snowmen and I think about how much fun it would be to start a collection, I remember my one single box of Christmas decor, and am determined to maintain that.

So we (Zeb) got the one box down yesterday, put on some music, and got to decorating. Zeb and I were both lucky enough to get one ornament a year while we were growing up, and continue to get one every year from his mom, so we have quite an assortment.

The tree looks so pretty sparkling at night. I love it!
Have you decorated yet?

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