Monday, December 5, 2011

What a day

Saturday morning we were both up early so we decided to dive into some Christmas shopping.
The first stop was the donut shop to get our less than practical fuel for this adventure. My donut was delicious, but I dealt with a belly ache later in the afternoon. Lesson learned? Probably not.

Then the shopping began.

We made about five different stops, and were having a great time shopping for others and shopping for ourselves. At one store, Zeb happened upon the Forever Lazy pajamas that he's been talking about for a couple of months and got pretty excited.

Every time Zeb and I shop together, I am surprised by how distracted he gets. I forget that he doesn't really go shopping all that often so when he gets in a store, he takes a lot of detours to whatever may catch his eye. At one time, I looked back to find him studying his face in a magnifying mirror. In an other store, he was talking about some cute baby hats (we have no babies to shop for).

It was a fun morning, but we're still not finished.

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