Saturday, December 17, 2011

I never said I was hip

I'm not hip at all. I never have and never will claim to be.
My fashion could be described as comfortable, never trendy.
I don't hangout at the coolest places in town.
I never have the coolest electronics.
I've never even seen an iPad (that's a joke).

When I was growing up and CDs had just come out, I clung hard to my tape player and tape collection (I love you, Bon Jovi!). I was sure this whole "CD craze" wasn't going to stick, and besides I was perfectly happy with my tape player and tapes.
"Works fine for me," I said.
I did eventually make the transition to owning a CD player and building a CD collection, but it may have been a little late.
Same thing with iPods-I don't own one.
Same thing with computers- I went through all of college without one (an an English major!).
Same thing with laptops-I just purchased one last month.

So when the e-readers came out years ago, I thought they were cool but knew I would never have one, not in this century, anyway. However, a friend recently gifted me the Kindle Touch and I love it. Now, I know I am not on the forefront of owning an e-reader, but I'm not the last one to get one either.
I feel good about that.

The Kindle is truly amazing and already I am reading more than I would without it. I checked out some books from the library and started reading right away. I'm currently reading Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult. Now, this is not my first choice in reading, but it was the only book I was interested in that was available for immediate check out from the library. I'm on the waiting list for others. (If someone wants to explain to me why I would need to be on a waiting list for an e-book I would appreciate it).

I am enjoying this book and reading it at a fast rate.
I am enjoying reading in bed without having to hold a big, bulky book up.
I'm enjoying reading while I eat and not having to hold a book open with one hand and eat with the other or find some clever way to prop the book up and open.
I really love this Kindle.

I can't wait to read and read and read some more.

Do you have an e-reader?
Let's talk books!

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Anonymous said...

I ran across this entry by accident. I actually had to read to my husband your question about why you would need to be on a waiting list for an e-book. If you hadn't posed the question, I would have gone on about my business without having thought to question it myself! In fact, neither would my husband (just goes to show how Kindle-savvy we are)! But I do think I may have an answer. It's a guess, but I believe it has to do with licensing. I'm thinking each library is only the owner of so many licenses of each book (much like they would only have 2 or 3 hard copies of anything). While they probably, in the tehnological sense, have another copy to give you, they may be legally obligated not to.