Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Stop in Spiddal

I feel overwhelmed after a big event, like a vacation, or Christmas, when all I've been doing is taking pictures. After I come home there's the pressure of how to include it all in your scrapbook. Do you scrapbook all of it? Do you make one page for each day of vacation? So many questions!

So here I am, five months after arriving home from my trip to Ireland and I am still working on pages, trying to figure out what is important, what to include, what doesn't have to be in the scrapbook, etc.

Today I used the Elle's Studio sketch from this week, again (I'm obsessed) to document a stop during our Connemara bus tour. I thought this spot was perfectly Irish: a little cottage, ponies, a rock wall and green fields. Beautiful.

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zeb said...

That's a nice looking page. This place was called Spiddal? How do you remember that?