Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Year 4

Today marks the 4th year that we've owned our home. 
4 years ago we were in a 500 square foot apartment off the plaza. The location was great, the living space was not. Two adults and a dog in that tiny space was cramped, and I noticed it most of all once we moved.

The first week we moved in here, we felt like we were in some sort of mansion, calling out to each other if the other wasn't in our direct line of sight. 

And just as people said we would, we filled up the space. Filled it with things that make this house our home. Now that we have this spacious home, we can live comfortably with each other, and share our space with friends and family.
We're kind of like adults now,
hosting dinners
having movie nights
or inviting people over to play video games all night long, just like adults.

On this anniversary, I thought I would share some peeks at our space.

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danYelle said...

Awe yey!! So happy he is being loved & enjoyed in his new home :)