Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have been watching a lot of LA Ink lately on Netflix. (I love this show!)
It's a show about people getting tattoos and the reasons and stories behind the tattoos.

It always makes me feel like I want to get another tattoo, but when I turn off the TV and I'm back in the real world, I don't want one anymore.
I hate needles.
Also, I can't think of anything I want tattooed on my body bad enough to get another one.

I got my first and only tattoo as a Freshman in college at Mizzou.
It was the year 2000.
I had just met some of my best friends.
We were 18.
We were sitting around in the dorm, bored, and decided to go to the tattoo shop downtown for tattoos. We arrived and we each picked something from the displayed tattoos on the wall, paid our $50 and the man got to work.
I remember it hurt like crazy and I wanted to be done before the tattoo was done. At that point, I was fine with walking away with a half finished sun. Alas, I stayed until the end.

That night, we each walked away with a different tattoo.
1. a sun
2. the sign of Leo
3. a Chinese character
4. roses

I have since learned that people put thought into their tattoos. Perhaps they design it themselves, or it's a portrait of a loved one. Me? I picked mine from a display of pre-made designs.

Do I regret my tattoo? Absolutely not. Though the sun on my back may just look like a sun to some people to me it represents:
turning 18
starting college
meeting my best friends

I don't think about my tattoo much because I can't see it, but when I think about it, I love it.

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