Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Thinking: I am in constant awe of the people who do a better 'life juggling act' than I do. How do people use all the time in their day so efficiently? I'm finding it hard to balance work, working out, my current knitting project, reading, crafting, spending time with friends, making my dog feel special, preparing my food for the week, watching the TV I like to watch (it's minimal, I swear), blogging... How do I do it all? How do you do it all?

Listening to: The Civil Wars Barton Hollow. A friend of mine told me about this duo a few weeks ago and then I saw them on the Grammy's and now I love them.

Reading: I was in the middle of Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore when my library loan ran out. I was seriously 50% finished, and I'm not so cheap that I can't purchase it and finish it, but then I don't know if I want one more thing on my plate (see above). I keep thinking about it though, I think that's a good sign that I should finish it.

Feeling: Healthy. I fell off the workout and eat right train around November (even personal trainers get burnt out), but got back to it right before the start of the new year. Now, I am at the point where I have to workout everyday. My body and my mind make me do it. I like that.

Watching: Last night I watched Parenthood and cried at the end. That show is so good. Later this morning I'm about to grab my knitting and turn on this week's RuPaul's Drag Race. I have eclectic tastes.

What are you up to?


Courtney said...

life is a constant balancing act. a friend sent me this little dachshund article. i thought you might like it:

eef said...

I have no idea how we do it all--I'm pretty sure bloggers are good at acting like they do it all though, and don't mention how crazy and stressful it all is!

What kind of workouts do you do? Can I ask that? I know it's your job, so feel free to ignore if you don't want to talk about it!
Lately I've been doing a lot of weight training at home. Our gym closed. =[ Anyhow, so I do weights, but not that much cardio--I've been trying to make myself do some of the workouts, but they KILL me. lol

Cheryl Birkey said...

My workout:
I try to do 40 minutes of good, hard cardio every day. I miss maybe one day a week. Then I try to hit one body part a week for weight training. Today I did back and made something up for about 20 minutes.

In the past I've gotten burnt out since I work at a gym so there have been stretches of time where I don't work out. This current plan is working well for me.

It's funny, as a trainer, I put people through one hour of weight training, but I never train that way myself.


It's hard to do it all! Prioritizing is key. Make lists and schedules, lots of them!