Friday, February 17, 2012

Why Not?

So I was recently invited to a Facebook event to send this little 6 year old boy with cancer a card.
Here's the actual information from the person in charge:

Ayden is six years old. He is a sweet heart who has stage 4 cancer, and it has spread to his brain. I want to do something for him & his family, and I need your help... I want everyone to send him a card in the mail. Even if you don't know him, it doesn't matter. It would be an AMAZING gift for him & his family to see hundreds of cards arriving to him with messages of hope & support. It doesn't have to cost much-- a handmade card is even better!! PLEASE help me and send him a card this week. Tell lots of people!! The more cards- the better! please send to: Ayden Carpenter, 16808 E. 31st St., Independence MO 64055. thank you ♥ This project of love, has come about c/o his cousin (who would like to stay anonymous.). It's such a sweet idea and it will only cost you a few minutes, and a stamp to make his day. Please help to flood his mailbox.

That's the card I made for him. It's simple and it was quick to make. I think you should send one too. It's inexpensive. Cheap really...and maybe we can help brighten this boy's day.

Here's the address again:

Ayden Carpenter
16808 East 31st Street
Independence, Missouri 64055

Who's coming with me?!


Tracy said...

I just read this card will put in the mailbox today...mailed Tuesday due to holiday. I hope he receives hundreds! What an amazing idea!

Cheryl Birkey said...

Thank you!

Wallawallawhale said...

I stumbled upon your blog from Grr Feisty, I'll be sending one and posted it on FB. Much love