Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mini Stay-Cation

This weekend has been wonderful.

We're house sitting for a client of mine and though she is only gone for about three days, the time here has been lovely. We house sat for these same people in the summertime for about 7 days so when they asked again, I said YES! without any hesitation.

There's something about getting out of my own house, whether I'm travelling to a faraway land or just a few blocks away, that seems to automatically put me in relaxation mode.

Their house is so comfortable. There's a big comfortable couch, a huge television, a great dog, but best of all, it's not my house. There are no house projects to accomplish here, no bills that need to be paid,  no work that needs to be completed, there is just a big couch that needs to be sat upon and a TV that needs to be watched.

We do have a doggy to care for, and that includes a 45-60 minute walk in the morning which turns out is quite the workout. On Saturday morning, Zeb and Peanut joined us and it was so much fun. Although Peanut is about one thirtieth the size of Hoagie, she made sure she was the lead dog for most of the walk. Her little legs moved so fast.

We're headed out later this afternoon, but before we go we have two things to accomplish.
1. More couch time.
2. More TV time.


Courtney said...

i sort of want to see a photo of peanut and hoagie together...

Cheryl Birkey said...

This picture is as close as they're going to get.

Jessica L. said...

TV and couch time with the puppies= what I like to do after a long day at work! Ugh....-Jessica