Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Never Ending Battle. Looking for my Forever Friend.

I don't have a hairdresser.
I usually wait until my hair starts to look pretty shabby for about a week and call a couple of salons to see who can get me in ASAP.(while trying to trim it myself the entire week). It's not ideal.

I've thought I had found the perfect hairdresser several times in my adult life. I go in for my first haircut and love it and then I go back for my second haircut and the stylist decides to shave the side of my head for some reason (true story), and then I'm back on the hunt again.

So back in January, my hair started to look pretty shabby and I called a place that I'd driven by a couple of times-perhaps not the best way to pick a salon, but I was running out of options.

On the way to my appointment, I thought that this would be the one: my hairstylist. I would make the commitment. Today was the day.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the hair cut experience of my dreams.

At one point, I had to ask her to change combs, it was either her heavy hand or the combs teeth were made of razor blades, but I couldn't endure the pain of it scratching across my scalp any longer.

Second, and this was the unforgivable part, at almost every part of my head she would say, "Cut this part, don't you think?"

me- "Um, yes, I guess"

her- "Cut this part, don't you think?"

Really, who's the stylist here?

And just to provide a little background, I sat down in the chair and gave my spiel first thing.

I'm low maintenance.
I don't style my hair.
I'm easygoing.
I work at a gym.
I just want something shorter than what's going on right now.

But still I had to endure this: "Cut this part, don't you think?"

Is this really happening?
It was.

Today. I walked into a new salon, one recommended to me by a friend that actually goes there. I know!
I liked the stylist right away, my haircut is cute cute cute, and the stylist didn't need any coaching from me.


I may have found the one.


eef said...

haha i know exactly how you feel. when i had a pixie it was even harder than it is now since you have to really keep those trimmed. i think at this point i've gone about 6 months without a haircut--and my hair is a disaster. the problem i have is that all the stylist want to cut my hair so that i have to style it straight--like i really want to spend 30 minutes straightening my hair everyday. why can no one cut wavy hair? ugh!

Crissy said...

Communication is important but asking to cut each part.. is not the right way. That would make me want to get up and leave. Shaving the side of your head?! That's scary.

So glad you came across a good one!!

Cheryl Birkey said...

I should have left. Before posting this yesterday I was rereading it and I thought "I should have walked out!"

and I should clarify the 'shaving the side of my head' It was really about a 1 inch by 1 inch area at my temple. Not ideal, but not the side of my head.